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Open edX is a scalable and customizable Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) software that responds many different needs from universities to colleges and education sites to corporate portals and provides unique assessment and grading tools.

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Preferred by many universities and educational institutions from Stanford University to and Sorbonne to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Open edX is one of the world’s most common educational tools.

Who Uses It?
Low Cost of Ownership

Open edX is completely an open source and free software product. You can host the your infrastructure on Amazon, Google Cloud or Azure cloud or you can install it to your own server.

Broad Application Support

Supporting the LTI 1.1 standard, Open edX provides integration easily with 3. party applications through its open API configuration. You can easily connect  many applications and services from Office 365 to Scratch tools.

User Friendly

The Studio editor which is used for creating education content in Open edX, provides quite easy and intuitive interface. In Open edX, you can add new questions in your exams with drag&drop method.

Ready for E-Commerce

Correspond with all existing payment systems, Open edX comes %100 ready for e-commerce. It doesn’t force users for special storefront or closed payment instruments like in closed systems.

What Artistanbul Provides You?

Artistanbul is a reliable solution partner in the process of migration and integration to Open edX.

Installation and Migration

Installation of Open edX to cloud service provider or your servers and migration from your legacy systems.


Creating corporate identity and suitable design language for your brand and integrating with Open edX.


Meeting existing systems with Open edX and developing suitable solutions for special needs.

Hosting and Maintenance

Providing update, security and maintenance services for server and software components.

What Open edX provides me?

With Open edX, you become the rightful owner of the infrastructure you use. After customization according to your own corporate language and brand, you can licensed it and sell it to a third party company!

Do I have to pay a license fee every year?

Definitely, not.

Open edX is a free software that all versions and updates are distributed free and open sourced. Installation and long term maintenance/hosting costs are lower compared to competitor platforms.

Can I make a special portal for my customers with my own brand?

Certainly. You can publish seperate designed sub-portals for different customer groups over a single installation.

Some Unique Features

A community with thousands of educational institutions in it

Full compatibility with Google Apps and Office 365 applications

Publish different sub-portals over a single infrastructure

Customizable theme support

Integration With Adobe, Panopto, Turnitin tools

Customizable mobile applications for your organisation




National Program


Million Students