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BBM özellikleri

BlackBerry10 Dev Alpha Güncellemesi Yayınlandı

BlackBerry Dev Alpha’ya gelen güncelleme sürümünde BBM özellikleri tarafında bir sürü iyileştirme ve hata düzeltmesi var.

Bu bağlantıdan offline güncelleme paketini indirebilirsiniz:

Güncelleme ile gelen changelog şöyle:


Çözülen işler ve iyileştirilen BBM özellikleri

  • 262055   In some instances, BBM location attachments may not have been received on another SDK device as expected.
  • 261116   In some instances, BBM contacts registered in the games app did not appear in the games contact list.
  • 261097, 258433   In some instances, sending a contact card without an avatar resulted in a white space instead of the default contact image.
  • 260815   In some instances, the BlackBerry device did not automatically restart after long pressing the power button and tapping Restart.
  • 259936   In some instances, the date format shown in the Settings app did not match the format in the date picker.
  • 259753   In some instances, BBM might have displayed a black screen when you opened the details of a contact in a BBM chat window.
  • 253943   In some instances, purchases made on BlackBerry World using PayPal could have resulted in a transaction error.
  • 253620   Some games might have hung on startup.
  • 252805   The thumbnail images in the camera application showed the last screen capture taken rather than the last picture taken.


Bilinen hatalar

  • 233860   Pictures added to Gmail contacts on the BlackBerry device do not appear in the contact’s details until you re-enter the contact details. After you exit and open the contact application, the contact pictures appear as expected.
  • 277257   In some instances, BBM cannot be launched successfully on the first attempt. As a workaround, reboot the device and run BBM again.
  • 6101758   The BlackBerry device does not connect to the 3G network on bootup. As a workaround, you can force the BlackBerry device to 3G mode.
  • 261658   In some cases, you may be able to enter invalid dates for recurring yearly events.
  • 256820   In some instances, BBM messages that you receive do not trigger the audio and LED notification.
  • 250643   In some cases, repeatedly tapping checkboxes on the NFC settings page may cause the buttons to become unresponsive.
  • 258602   In some instances, NFC activity may cause the backlight to go out or the device to lock for a few seconds. As a workaround, hold the power button down for two or more seconds.
  • 256828   In some instances, you may not be able to send calendar attachments using BBM.
  • 256820   In some instances, BBM messages that you receive do not trigger the audio and LED notification.
  • 267496   In some cases, the BBM Send Location feature may result in the application not being able to find the correct location.
  • 238032   When a notification (such as entering Development Mode) is sent, the notification area of the BlackBerry Hub causes the red LED to constantly flash.

Workaround: Wait for the notification to time out after 10 to 15 minutes or turn off the LED in the Settings app.

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