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BigBlueButton ®

Best Open Source
Video Conference Tool:
BigBlueButton ®

BigBlueButton is an interactive video conferencing system, specially designed for online learning needs.

BigBlueButton ile 3. parti araçları entegre etmek çok kolay!

Wide Range of Interaction Possibilities

Looking for a professional solution for teaching remote students online? BigBlueButton provides real-time sharing of audio, video, slides, chat and screen. With Whiteboard feature, it helps you to form real interaction.

Education Oriented Features
Low Cost of Ownership

BigBlueButton has no license fees. You can host BigBlueButton on Amazon, Google Cloud or Azure cloud infrastructures or you can install it on your own server.

Support for 3rd Party Tools

It provides easy integration with 3rd party solutions. You can easily connect to many applications and sites from Open edX to Moodle or from WordPress to your own system.


BigBlueButton offers an extremely easy and intuitive interface to all users. Learning to use BigBlueButton professionally in your presentations will take up to 15 minutes!

Open Source

Your BigBlueButton solution, including its source code, is entirely yours. It does not force its users into closed solutions or hidden payment traps like in closed systems.

What does Artistanbul provide you?

Artistanbul is a solution partner you can trust for your video conferencing needs.


Anyone can install BigBlueButton, but highly efficient operation and optimizations are definitely our specialty!


Customizing your video conference interface by creating a design language suitable for your corporate identity and brand.


Integration of your in-house tools with BigBlueButton and developing solutions for special needs.

Hosting and Maintenance

Providing update, security and maintenance services of server and application components.

What provides me BigBlueButton's open source licence?

With BigBlueButton, you become the real owner of the video conference infrastructure you use. After you customize it according to your own corporate identity and brand, you can even license and sell it to a third party!

Do I have to pay a license fee every year?

No way.

It is free software, with all versions and updates distributed free and open source. Installation and long-term maintenance/hosting costs are lower compared to competing platforms.

Is it compatible with all operating systems?

Unlike its competitors, BigBlueButton is developed entirely with HTML5 web technologies. You can use it on any internet connected device!

Some unique features of BigBlueButton

Teacher/student interaction with the Whiteboard

User (Teacher/Presenter/Student) rights management

Screen sharing management

Watching videos on the Whiteboard

Publishing PDFs on Whiteboard

Wide integration possibilities with LTI 1.0 support

Let’s Make Your Video Conferencing Needs Reality!

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