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Community Management

Many firms are aware the importance of having growing, moving, productive, passionate community around their products and brands but they don’t know where to start!

How can Artistanbul help me?

That is exactly Artistanbul’s job: To bring together people and technologies.

Artistanbul is a community management agency leading in its field in Turkey.

Artistanbul has a powerful team consisting of experienced community managers, mobile application developers, business development managers, expert educational technologists, psychologists and corporate communication consultants. Artistanbul speaks same language with developers and developer candidates and has the ability of documentation, publicity, community management, developer creation and ecosystem building.

Strategy and Execution

Artistanbul helps you chart out your community strategy with a sustainable roadmap by setting the company and product targets. Open community strategies provide your community grow up healthy and organic with measurable goals.

Social Media and Loyalty

To try to captivate new community members by using social media is not “the community management”. Strengthening community loyalty and establishing necessary scenario and mutual benefit models for meaningful connections is an important mission that Artistanbul can gain you.


We can build a community portal that will provide an open and productive layer of communication for your community. Also, we can stand by you all development, documentation, project tracking and much more that will be necessary for providing your community to work efficiently.

Business Development

We follow a strategy that always focuses on your business and product development processes that concentrate on continuous participation. The most effective business partners always comes from ecosystem and we will make an effort to build it in your community.

Effective Workflow

To describe different community roles within the community is the first step of the process. We can create an effective workflow for community participation to be productive and simple. This will contain all life cycle of community roles and help to be specified the process, product and substructure.

Human Resources

The person who will sell a product best is the person who already uses and benefits from that product! We can guide you through the recruitment processes of community management or team and we can identify the potential applicants. This will help to create a strong “community muscle” in your organisation.


Each community is governed differently. We will find optimum governance model for you and create effective managing bodies for the project. Community governance is a process that includes meetings, principles of transparency, company/community balance and more and it needs to be planned carefully.

And Much More…

These are only a few areas that we focus on. Every organisation is different and  we are looking forward to provide the best community strategies and interactions by researching your special needs deeply and get you great results for your organisation. You can easily reach us here.

What Have We Done?

We accomplished and managed a large number of community projects until today:

Özgürlükİçin E-Magazine

You can reach here the previous issues of Özgürlükİçin e-magazine publishing by community of Pardus which was the biggest free/open software project in Turkey:

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