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Education Curriculum

Zeka Gücü Maker Beginner's Book 2.1

It is an accelerated curriculum that developed to increase the Robotics, Coding and 3D Modelling skills of highly talented and gifted children between 8-14 years of age who study at Zeka Gücü Maker Laboratories which founded in BILSEM educational institutions sponsored by Turkcell.

By finding a solution to a problem with their skills and knowledge they have gained, students are taking their first steps in prototyping the solution and producing.

The training curriculum updated to meet the one-year curriculum includes:

  • Student’s Book (270 pages)
  • Teacher’s Book
  • Achievement Report (68 pages)

Arduino Robotics Education

This is an educational series that we aim the students’ improvement about the skills of the robotics and coding area through the way of computational and project-based learning. By learning the Arduino programming language, students will realize the projects that they have imagined.

Includes these:

  • Student’s Book (112 pages)
  • Teacher’s Book (74 pages)
  • Unitized Annual Plan / Achievement Report (10 pages)
  • Activity Book (84 pages)

Creative Programming with Scratch

This book enables learning through the activities consisting of 32 events and 6 units. And has developed to help students improving their coding skills and to provide developing their own games.

The book was developed by Harvard Graduate School of Education academicians and localized by Artistanbul for Turkcell Geleceği Yazanlar portal. It has included studies that concentrate on gaining students an important skill such as computational thinking. The content of the book has completely focused on practice. It has been followed the way of discovery teaching, not the way of expository teaching.

Includes these:

  • Student’s Book (116 pages)
  • Teacher’s Book (120 pages)

Sphero SPRK Education

Sphero is certainly one of the tools that the students have learned by having fun. In addition to coding with Spero through SPRK Lightning Lab software; it is also aimed to support teaching lessons such as angle, speed, force, contour, balance, direction, light, color in Mathematics, Science and Technology, Geometry lessons with your students. A total of 12 STEM studies are included.

Includes these:

  • Student’s Book (36 pages)
  • Teacher’s Book (50 pages)

City X Project

Localisation of City X Project education that has been developed in Stanford University Design School has been done by Artistanbul. In this scenario which aims students to gain Design Thinking and Problem Solving Ability, they develop inventions using 3D printers for space explorers located newly established planet called City X.

Includes these:

  • Designer’s Guide (8 pages)
  • Teacher’s Guide (60 pages)
  • City X Citizen Cards (40 pieces)
  • Turkish dubbed videos

Arduino and AppInventor Education

Every young person definitely has a product they want to produce and a problem they want to solve. From this point, students will reach the qualification how to create their inventions and solve their problems with an Arduino board. At the end of this training, students will be reach the level of prototyping their own inventions with Arduino and integrating their electronic circuit with a mobile application that they will create.

Includes these:

  • Student’s Book (86 pages)
  • Teacher’s Book (70 pages)

Mobile Developer's Guide To The Galaxy

Mobile Developer’s Guide to The Galaxy which you can find nearly anything from the big players like Android, iOS, Windows Phone to the alternative platforms like Tizen, BlackBerry 10 and Firefox OS Android, iOS, Windows Phone is one of the most common reference book of mobile application development.

In the book, not only platforms but many important details are explained about mobile application development. Many technologies and methods such as UX design, mobile analytics, prototype making, croos-platform development and augmented reality are waiting for you in the Mobile Developer’s Guide to The Galaxy.

The book, published by was Enough Software, has written with the contribution of dozens of writers from all over the world and has also been introduced to Turkish language by the translation of the Artistanbul team.