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What Artistanbul Provides You?

Setting up a Maker Laboratory should be more than buying a 3D printer and lots of electronic toys!


By making analysis of your needs, we produce the optimum solutions for your organization.

Maker Laboratuvarı kurulumu

From the architectural project to the selection of the accurate equipment, we are with you in all processes.

Curriculum and Education

We provide education all across Turkey with compatible content with Ministry of Education's curriculum.


From sending balloons to the stratosphere to robotics, we organize events and hackathons.


Innovative Educational Technologies

Artistanbul provides many different solutions for the marketing and corporate social responsibility departments of companies.

We offer effective education programs from the applications which bring Artificial Intelligence together with the drone technologies, to the meteorological balloons sent to the stratosphere.

Manages the Turkcell Zeka Gücü Project which conducted with over 100 thousand high intelligent and special gifted children’s participation in 300+ BILSEM centers in Turkey’s 81 provinces, Artistanbul conducts Turkey’s “by far” the most comprehensive robotics and programming education program.

We provide new generation technology and programming educations practically for young people who do not have access to technology, and children with physical and mental disabilities.

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Meet Our Creative Solutions!

We are the technology solution partner of IBM, RIM/BlackBerry, Turkcell, MEB and many other organizations.

What Did They Tell About Us?

Some statements from the organizations working with Artistanbul

Our Solution Partners

Some of the organizations we are proud to develop solutions together