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Open Source Compatibility

Do Not Take Risks While Using Open Source!

How much knowledge do you have on the licenses of the components you use in your projects? Alright, how about the obligations and risks coming from these components?

Corporate software and the developers of such software are incorporating more and more open source software in order to comply with the requirements of today which needs flexible and quick solutions.

Artistanbul makes the usage of open source much easier for you on your software projects in various areas from licensing obligations to software security.

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What is included in the Scope of Service?

Analysis and Evaluation

From the initial step, we listen to your current project, your development methods and the software components you are using and by sharing the set of questions we have prepared, we collect information regarding your process.

Compliance and Audit

In this stage, we evaluate the results of the analysis and we find out what kind of compliance services do you need and we share such results with your senior management and prepare a road map of the process with your side.

Policy and Strategy

We create a policy that will address the issues that will be specific to your organization and shall not overlook your obligations such as how to use open source within the organization, mechanisms of decision and approval, how the process shall be conducted.

Dissemination of Policy

In order to make the policy applicable in all your projects we conduct the necessary steps together and we take measures to ensure that all of your projects are at acceptable levels in terms of risk management.

Efficient Workflow

The entire process must be efficiently implemented you your own workflow. At this stage we provide both auxiliary software and the integrations we will be preparing for your organization to conduct the mandatory follow-up for the project to publish such project from the moment the open source component is included in your project.

Personnel Training

By providing awareness training to your developers, product managers and top management, we provide support to your personnel to help them overcome the questions they will encounter in the new process and help you by increasing your personnel’s awareness to reduce the risks that you may encounter.


Our goal is to create a balanced model between the managers who are looking out for risks, product managers who are working to develop their product and the developers trying to provide you the fast development which can be enabled by the open source and on the other hand we also provide you a way to keep risks under control at any time.

Process Follow-Up

In cases the new projects are not compliable with the current processes the compliance of the process with the changes is mandatory. We support you on this subject by executing all steps to continuously provide end to end experience.

What Experience Artistanbul Has?

Artistanbul, with its experienced software and management team which is trained in different disciplines and with free software and open source is in the DNA of the company, shares its experience on this subject with its clients.

Why Should I Pay Attention to Open Source Compatibility?

Unlike the software with owners, open source and of course, free software provides rights to use such software on their own or in their projects. For this reason, when considering the perspective of the developer, such software shortens the period of development and by the perspective of the user such software enables the users to each their aim faster.

Each open source component that is used also shall mean accepting an agreement between the project developer and your project. Therefore, licenses with open source codes shall also especially attribute various responsibilities to the developers and each component that has been used must be carefully monitored.

Why Should I Worry About Compliance?

License compliance is an important issue that you should consider as much as the technical compliance of the component you use on your project. Any problem that you may encounter may lead to additional various problems.

These problems may result in serious consequences such as disclosing the source of the intellectual property that you own, the penalties which may be caused by the regulations that protect intellectual property. At the same time, such problems may result in the service interruptions for your users and prestige loss for your company.

Who Requires License Compliance?

If your company provides software solutions for its own customers or acts as contractor to provide solutions for customers of the customers then the compliance for the licenses should be a matter for follow-up.

If you are developing mobile applications embedded devices and software, IoT or web application that means you specifically require license compliance services.