Our Open Job Applications

Internship Application

Which areas can I work?

  • Linux system/server management
  • Web application development with PHP and Python/Django duo
  • Editing and documentation of maker education
  • Community management processes

Where and when?

  • Any time of the year, not less than two months
  • In İstanbul, right beside Cihangir Park
  • You can look at our office’s location from here

Who should apply?

  • People who want to apply their current knowledge in real-life projects
  • People who love to write blogs and Wikipedia articles in their spare time
  • 3rd and 4th grade students are admitted to official school internship applications

How can I be chosen?

  • According to your studies
  • According to work that you can show (source code, article, etc.)
  • According the knowledge you gain
  • According to things you can contribute to our company
  • According to other internship applications for the same date (quota is limited!)

When is the last application?

  • You can apply for Erasmus internships at least two months in advance,
  • You can apply for other internships at any time of the year.

When will the results be announced?

  • After your application, you will be returned within 28 days at the latest.

What do the interns think?

  • You can find blog post written by our interns here.

I have more questions

  • Let us take you here.