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Our Open Job Applications

Internship Application

Which areas can I work?

  • Linux system/server management
  • Web application development with PHP and Python/Django duo
  • Editing and documentation of maker education
  • Community management processes

Where and when?

  • Any time of the year, not less than two months
  • In İstanbul, right beside Cihangir Park
  • You can look at our office’s location from here

Who should apply?

  • People who want to apply their current knowledge in real-life projects
  • People who love to write blogs and Wikipedia articles in their spare time
  • 3rd and 4th grade students are admitted to official school internship applications

How can I be chosen?

  • According to your studies
  • According to work that you can show (source code, article, etc.)
  • According the knowledge you gain
  • According to things you can contribute to our company
  • According to other internship applications for the same date (quota is limited!)

When is the last application?

  • You can apply for Erasmus internships at least two months in advance,
  • You can apply for other internships at any time of the year.

When will the results be announced?

  • Since we are receiving many internship applications, we are unable to return to everyone. If we are unable to reply to you within 28 days of your application, this means that your internship has been rejected.

What do the interns think?

  • You can find blog post written by our interns here.

I have more questions

  • Let us take you here.