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GitLab partner, Artistanbul

GitLab: Modern and Powerful Assistant

Simplify your business processes with GitLab.

Today, the software development world has turned into a place where it is necessary to be agile and adapt to a business environment where needs are constantly changing. You need to automate business processes to adapt to changing demands and to keep mission-critical applications up and running while doing so. GitLab with its end-to-end solutions, does not only accelerates DevOps processes, also increases the efficiency and transparency of your team.

Artistanbul and GitLab

Artistanbul combines its development and system management experience with its solution partnership with GitLab. Artistanbul is with you for all your needs regarding application modernization and CI/CD processes.

GitLab Supply

We can assist you with user licenses supply for GitLab’s cloud servers and on-premise solutions. As Artistanbul, we can customize your current setup for you.

Installation and Deployment

We remain at your disposal with our experienced team for installing GitLab in your data center, commissioning GitLab Runners for your CI/CD processes and integrating them into your own systems.

Application Modernization

We are with you in the structuring of the necessary processes, automation, management and in-company training processes to ensure the continuous integration and continuous deployment of your application.

GitLab merhaba

Improve Your Processes
with GitLab.

Everything is better with GitLab, from idea to deployment.

GitLab is an open source platform that you can use as a single application either in the cloud or in your own data center. Thanks to this flexibility, you can easily bring a modern infrastructure to your data center in all your processes that you can not move to the cloud.

It benefits you by bringing down your development costs and effort, enabling you to put the product on faster. With GitLab, you can manage, plan, create and test your software projects and automate all of these with the continuous integration and deployment tools (CI/CD) offered by GitLab. On top of that, you can make security a part of the process while doing all these.

Why Your Team Needs
CI/CD Workflow?

Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment
  • Continuous Integration detects errors as quickly as possible: Fix problems while they’re fresh in developers’ minds.
  • Reduces integration problems: Smaller problems are easier to digest.
  • Avoid compounding problems: Allows teams to develop faster, with more confidence.
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